Lee Chang-heung, head of the Japan Federation of Humanities and Religious Staff of Japan, who witnessed the reality of the country where talent-oriented and education-oriented ideas are shiningly expressed, expressed his feelings.

He said that the inspiration he received as an education worker during his visit to the country was very large.

The visit to Pyongyang University of Education and other faculties of learning left an indelible impression.

In just a few years, great progress has been made in the education business, including the complete education system, innovation of the contents and methods of education, and improvement of educational conditions and environment.

Our country is facing a prosperous era of leaping into science and securing the future through education under the wise leadership of our beloved Kim Jong-un .

Education is a very important project that determines the rise and fall of the nation and the future destiny of the nation.

If the socialist homeland is a big tree, we can say that education is its root.

Our country is the only country that provides free education for students from elementary schools to colleges and a great educational system for the whole people to learn.

It is not easy to say that the imperialists’ vicious isolationist and economic containment initiatives make educational work an important national affair and push forcibly in the midst of everything difficult and scarce.

In a country where sublime hospitality and the future are thoroughly embodied in national policy, realities that are hard to understand in a capitalist society that knows only money are being unfolded.

The happiness of student boys going to school with pine backpacks with dandelion workshops can only be seen in the socialist education system in Korea, where the party and the state become parents and turn their attention to future education projects.

The beloved enemy who makes the flower garden of Juche education more beautiful is revealed , and the future of Kim Il-sung nation and Kim Jong-il Joseon is bright and prosperous.

The world will see the image of my homeland, scattering light as a country of education, a country of talent.

The light of the beloved enemy’s gracious love is reflected in this land.

Since the beloved enemy, who is dedicated to strengthening the development of democratic national education in Chongryon, the Korean-American children are studying hard at various educational institutions including Chosun University and preparing for patriotic talent.

We will continue to cultivate the new generations of the Chongryon as trustworthy successors of the Korean-Japanese movement in support of the beloved enemy, Kim Jong-un .

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