The Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation has announced the winners of its 16th edition 2018-2019 awards among the 1,745 candidates who have applied for the awards.

The awards were won by the poet Ali Jaafar al-Allaq, novelist Alawiya Sobh, intellectual Haidar Ibrahim Ali, and critic Mohammed Lutfi al-Yousifi, while Sheikha Mai Mohammed Al Khalifa was awarded the award of cultural and scientific achievement.

His Excellency Abdul Hamid Ahmed, Secretary General of the Foundation said that this constellation of creators represented their original values ‚Äč‚Äčthat expressed the concerns and aspirations of the Arab human being, and formed for years a conscience in the conscience of the people and gave inspiration to the new generations for more work, knowledge and success.

He stated that the committee awarded the poet Ali Jaafar Al-Allaq award «poetry» for excellence and continued contribution to the nutrition of contemporary Arab poetry, which contributed to the development of the Arabic poem and in the field of «story and novel and play» The jury awarded the prize to novelist Alawi Sobh for the uniqueness of her voice in the work of the details of the diary to build a world Rich in coherent narrative, and its ability to intensify language, especially in women’s issues, while the jury awarded the prize “Literary Studies and Criticism” to critic Mohammed Lotfi Al-Yousifi, who is taking a new turn in his critical studies, which have discussed Western critical theories.

In the field of “Humanities and Future Studies”, the jury awarded its prize to the intellectual Haider Ibrahim Ali, who presented through dozens of books an objective social vision of the concept of political Islam, while the “Cultural and Scientific Achievement Award” was awarded to the researcher and cultural activist Sheikha Mai Mohammed Al Khalifa, being one of the symbols of the scientific and cultural renaissance. In the Kingdom of Bahrain through its continuous effort in the social space to enhance the presence of culture in public life.

He mentioned that the field of poetry has 304 candidates, the story, the novel and the play 436 candidates, in the field of literary studies and criticism 276 candidates, in the field of human and future studies 480 candidates, and in the field of cultural and scientific achievement 249 candidates.

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