The speedboat made the NBA’s first star, Leonard, take the NBA’s consent on the grounds of raising the injured, but the head coach Ruifusi was exposed during the interview, so the league decided to open the ball to the ball. Penalty.

The NBA Los Angeles speedboat in the United States recently won the first two days of the game, the speedboat 124 to 129 lost to the Milwaukee Bucks, the game Kawhi Leonard did not play.

On the 6th, the league said that in the report of the injured boat of the speedboat, Leonard was listed as a sore knee, so the league agreed to the speedboat decision, so that Leonard could not play the speedboat against the male deer.

But then Doc Rivers said in an interview: “I think Leonard has said that he always feels that (knee pain) has not improved, and our job is to keep him in good condition. Very important, not to mention he played a lot of time in the playoffs last season.”

“So, um, this (not sending Leonard) is actually not really related to his health, but some way of ours, just hope that his (knee pain) feeling will gradually improve.”

Ruifusi’s words with a linguistic disease were caught by the league.

Union officials said in a statement today: “The speedboat, including the head coach Ruifusi, said that the words of Leonard’s health are inconsistent, and the NBA therefore imposed $50,000 (about NT$1.51 million) on them. fine.”

Although the speedboat was fined, the league said they believed that Leonard was indeed injured.

The NBA has regulations that will prevent fine players from participating in key events with national broadcasts and will be fined $100,000 (about NT$30.6 million).

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